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Is Contraception Morally Permissible? Humanae Vitae at 40.

Posted by Dim Bulb on July 27, 2008

Hat tip to American Papist via Sonitus Sanctus.

Below I provide two links to audio of a debate between Janet Smith and Father Charles Curran.  Father Curran is a “priest in good standing in the Diocese of Rochester, New York,” and past President of the Catholic Theological Society of America.  It should be noted that neither of these “accolades” is a ringing endorsement of his theological orthodoxy.    He can no longer teach as a Catholic Theologian and  currently teaches at Southern Methodist University.

Dr Janet Smith has a Ph.D in classics, taught an Notre Dame, and, at the time of the debate, was an associate professor at the University of Dallas in the Philosophy Department.  She currently teaches as Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit Michigan.

Part 1 of Debate

Part 2 of Debate 

Additional talk by Dr Smith:

Contraception: Why not? 

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