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How’s The Hoax and Chains Working For You?

Posted by Dim Bulb on December 26, 2009

Obama spent a lot of hot air belittling the banks for their role in our economic woes, conveniently forgetting that Congress-especially his party-had a major role in the troubles (e.g., the sub-prime mortgage fiasco).  Now we find out that politically connected banks have been receiving more TARP money than others.  This revelation comes on the heels of another revelation: Democrat Congressional Districts received twice as much stimulus money as Republican Districts. Is anyone really surprised that the single biggest piece of pork went to Obama’s home state, or that Pelosi’s and Reid’s backyards also received sweetheart deals?

Now it’s being reported that the “cash for caulkers” program spent a cool 2 million dollars to caulk 7 homes.  Meanwhile, our Profligate and Chief is vacationing in an 8.9 million dollar mansion at a rental cost of 4,000 dollars a day.  A fancy way to celebrate the 12 anti-family gifts he and his Congress have dumped on the American people; not to mention the deficit he’s managed to triple in the span of 11 months.

These are the people who are about to grab one-sixth of the economy under the guise of health care, claiming that it will pay for itself by cutting waste.  Hoax and Chains!  Yes they did!


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