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Online Literature For The Gospel Of John (Mostly)

Posted by Dim Bulb on January 19, 2010

These links do not necessarily imply that I agree with (or in some cases even understand) their content.  The first 7 links are from Catholic authors, the remaining are unknown.  Articles on the BSW site (#8-11) are prefaced with a summary, scroll down the page to find the beginning of the text (enclosed in a box).

1. The Structure of the Johannine Prologue.  Mary Coloe.

2.  Raising The Johannine Temple (Jn 19:19-37).  Mary Coloe.

3.  Households of Fatith (Jn 4:46-54; 11:1-44): A Metaphor for the Johannine Community.  Mary Coloe.

4.  Like Father, Like Son: The Role of Abraham in Tabernacles – John 8:31-59.  Mary Coloe.

5..Dwelling in the Household of God (Jn 14:2).  Mary Coloe.

6.  The Sociology Of Secrecy And The Fourth Gospel.  Jerome Neyrey.

7.  Understanding The Gospel Of St John.  Steven Ray.

8.  Slaughter, Fratricide, Sacrilege. Cain and Abel Tradition in 1 John 3. John Byron.

9.  A Note On The Two Endings Of John.  Michael Martin

10.  The Sword Of The Messiah And The Concept Of Liberation In The Fourth Gospel.  Cornelis Bennema.

11.  The Book Of Revelation And The First Years Of Nero’s Reign. Gonzalo Rojas-Flores.

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