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First Responses To Obama’s Address

Posted by Dim Bulb on January 27, 2010

If you want the progressive response you can just tune into one of the Obama news networks (i.e., any major outlet NOT Fox News).  The AP does have up a fact check on Obama’s speech, but they will not follow it us, and the ONN’s will not carry it.

Keep in mind that most of these were posted during/immediately after the speech, some are background to the speech.


Not The Change America Wanted. Editorial piece by Clifford Orwin.

When Conventional Liberalism Fails, What NextCommentary by Jennifer Rubin (haven’t read it yet).


Heritage Foundation Response. I suspect that in the coming days that the Heritage Foundation blog, THE FOUNDRY, will have a great deal of insightful commentary and critique.

NewsBusters Live ChatMostly brief quips from regular people.  In coming days NB’s will be posting on the media’s handling (read “selling”) of the speech.

Gateway Pundit.  Several posts are up.  The first is rather lengthy post consisting of some introductory material followed by the author’s live time responses to various parts of the speech. The second deals with the Republican response.

Red State.  Takes on this statement from the speech (which even I knew was crap): “And that’s why we’ve excluded lobbyists from policy-making jobs or seats on federal boards and commissions.

The Anchoress.  She has a couple of posts up.  The first includes her live time responses during the speech.  Her second post includes mostly links to other responses.  Be sure to check out her link “Justice Alito mouthed ‘not true.'”

Michelle MalkinOpen ThreadSub-heading of the post is: Blame the lobbyists!  Fund high-speed rail boondoggles! Spending freeze plan met with near-silence, laughter; disses SCOTUS in front of SCOTUS.


2 Responses to “First Responses To Obama’s Address”

  1. Carol said

    Back in high school, my first husband-to-be who was brilliant in things other than scholastics, responded to a composition assignment “How English is important in my life” with one line: “I don’t think English is ever going to be important in my life.” Well, if the assignment’s word was changed to “Politics” I’d have responded the same as he– and would’ve received the same grade on it. After reading dozens of Michele Malkin’s commenters, I’m still left wondering why folks call the POTUS “Barry” –and what “TOTUS” means. Overall, it doesn’t matter to me, just like English didn’t to ex-husband. However, both English and Politics is a reality we would have to deal with at least now and then, so we should’ve applied ourselves a little more! All I can say is, I wish Ron or Rand Paul the very utmost of success as one or the other comes to the fore for 2012, please, God– and that we’ll go to the meetings and hold signs again. And, now I know it wasn’t just me: I couldn’t put my finger on it, but yes indeed, O does seem not just snotty (and inept, and socialist, etc), but also the egomaniac he may well be. For a while, I’d thought perhaps he just wanted to project a strength, a power, for the people to believe in (and for Congress to respect) and/or that maybe he’s on the defensive against a really strong Right.. Certainly his whole campaign was on the defensive, and he has remained consistent: he has been the negative president, ever on the attack. Maybe it’s impossible, now, for any one cabinet to change America (for the better), maybe it’s going to take time and genuine leadership (and please, God, people who aren’t ashamed of morals), but his is definitely not the change wanted, and I cannot imagine why a majority bought into it, unless it really is Bush’s fault –it could only be Republican’t disgust that made Obama’s initial rhetoric seem credible. At any rate, if you hadn’t pointed to this one and that one, I’d not have read anything about the man’s speech. As soon as his face is anywhere, I sense an enemy and I go away, so I didn’t see his view of the state of the Union; I can look in my wallet and in every household around ours and see it.

    • Dim Bulb said

      The President’s nickname growing up was “Barry,” he decided to do away with it and began insisting that people call him by his formal first name. Many people draw significance from the fact, but the significance varies among people and seems to be based on individual perspectives of the President and his policies.

      You’re comment indicates that you are aware that POTUS means “President of the United States.” Totus is a pejorative play on this, meaning “Teleprompter of the United States;” an obvious reference to Obama’s penchant for using a teleprompter.

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