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Resources for Sunday Mass, Oct 31 (Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms)

Posted by Dim Bulb on October 27, 2010

ORDINARY FORM: 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time.


Pope Benedict XVI on Psalm 145: In two parts.

St Augustine on Psalm 145.

Father Callan’s Commentary on 2 Thess 1:11-2:2.

Aquinas Catena Aurea on Luke 19:1-10.

Franciscan Sisters Bible Study Podcast. New episodes are usually posted on Thursdays.

Dr Scott Hahn Podcast. Very brief, does good job of relating the major theme(s) of the readings.

Word Sunday:

  • MP3 PODCAST In this week’s audio podcast, we consider timing as a quality of the spiritual life. But not our timing, God’s timing.
  • FIRST READING The book of Wisdom encouraged the sinner to repent, for the sinner can trust God can do all things, even the impossible.
  • PSALM Psalm 145 was based more on style than substance, yet the song still gave God glory.
  • SECOND READING The author of 2 Thessalonians urged his audience to be patient for the Lord’s coming. Instead, they should give God glory by evangelizing others.
  • GOSPEL In Luke 19, a small tax collector’s life was changed when Jesus called him down from a tree and invited himself to lunch at the tax man’s home. A simple invitation is all it took.
  • CHILDREN’S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Judah visited his wise grandfather and asked him a question about hatred and suffering. His grandfather answered with one word, “Patience.” God was giving people time to return to him. In the story for the gospel, all Charlie cared about was money, until an emergency hit his town and he began to see that people were more important, just like Zacchaeus.
  • CATECHISM LINK In this week’s Catechism Link, we consider the common good and the virtue of solidarity.
  • FAMILY ACTIVITY To impress the notion of repentance on your family members, play the “Turn Around” game.

Lector Notes. Brief historical and theological background to the readings.

The Historical Cultural Context.

Thoughts From the Early Church. Excerpt from a homily by Philoxenus of Mabbug.

Scripture in Depth.

A Summary of the Gospel. St Vincent’s Archabbey.

The Bible Workshop.

Lectio Divina: A Reading of the Gospel.

Bible Study Lessons. St Charles Borromeo Parish.

EXTRAORDINARY FORM: 23rd Sunday After Pentecost.

Bernardin de Piconio’s Commentary on Philippians 3:17-4:3.

Aquinas’ Catena Aurea on Matt 9:18-26.

Juan de Maldonado’s Commentary on Matt 9:18-26.


Homily on the Epistle (Philippians 3:17-4:3).

Homily on the Gospel (Matt 9:18-26).

Paul’s Exhortation to the Philippians. Homiletic sketch.

Jesus Heals the Sick and Raises the Dead. Homiletic sketch on the Gospel.

The Resurrection of the Dead. Dogmatic sketch.

On Cemeteries and Hallowed Ground. Liturgical sketch.

Death, A Sleep. Symbolic sketch.

When Must We Think of Death? Moral sketch.

The Death of the Just Man. Moral sketch.




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