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Grace: Homily Notes on 1 Cor 15:10

Posted by Dim Bulb on August 7, 2012

These homily notes can make excellent points for meditation or further study. Filling out the points with references to the Scripture and the Catechism would also be useful.

“By the grace of God.” 1 Cor 15:10.

1. The question of Grace one of the most difficult in all theology. S. Augustine, its chief exponent: 5th century.

2. At the same time, a most important one for all.

3. Try therefore to know something of it.


I. A supernatural gift of God, freely bestowed for our sanctification and salvation.

II. There are many divisions of Grace: consider the two chief: viz.

A. Habitual, or sanctifying Grace:

1. Permanently inhering in the soul.

2. Uniting us to God, as His children.

3. The source of actual graces

4. Typified by:

a. The cleansing of Naaman: 2 Kings 5:14.

b. The wedding garment: Matt 22:12.

c. The parable of the vine: John 15:5.

B. Actual Grace:

1. Not a permanent, but a transient divine influence.

2. Enabling the soul hic et nunc to avoid evil and do good.

3. Enlightening the mind, and strengthening the will.

4. Examples:

a. The preaching of Jonah: Jonah 3.

b. The descent of the Holy Ghost: Acts 2:3.

c. The conversion of S. Paul: Acts 9.

5. Occasions of actual grace: e.g.

a. Sermons: S. Antony, the Hermit: Jan. 17.

b. Good reading: S.Ignatius: July. 31.

c. An accident: S. Norbert: June 6.

d. A death: S. Francis Borgia: Oct. 10.

e. Friendly advice: The rich young man: Matt 19:21.

6. Means to obtain it:

a. The performance of good works: Especially prayer, fasting, and almsdeeds.

b. Hearing Mass,

c. Receiving the Sacraments.

d. Attending instructions,

III. Effects of divine Grace:

A. Justification of the soul by freedom from mortal sin.

B. We become the temples of God: 1 Cor 3:16.

C. Ease in obeying the divine Law and moral precepts.

D. Great peace in the mind: Ps 119:165.

E. Good works, done for God, and then meritorious for eternity.

F. We become children of God, and heirs of His Kingdom.

G. Grace is the root of future glory. Our Glory in Heaven, proportioned to our Grace upon earth.

IV. Lost by one mortal sin, though it probably revives on repentance.

V. Without a special revelation, no one knows whether he have grace in the heart, though we may have a moral certitude of it.


1. Value this beautiful gift, producing such fruits in the soul,

2. Guard it with care, as it may easily be lost: 2 Cor.4:7. “Even if a man have the light of grace and the love of God, let him remember he is still under the open sky and not in the house, and that a breeze may put out this holy light for ever.” ~St. Bernard.

3. Avoid occasions of sin that expose you to its loss.

These notes were originally published by Fr. George Howe. 192

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