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Healing Spiritual Deafness and Dumbness

Posted by Dim Bulb on August 7, 2012

These homily notes can make excellent points for meditation or further study. Filling out the points with references to the Scripture and the Catechism would also be useful.


Under the physical ailments of the man in the Gospel, consider our own spiritual frailties, typified by them.

Three-fold trial:

I. Deafness:

A. Are we not deaf, spiritually, to:

1. What concerns the work of salvation?

2. The Law of God and the maxims of the Gospel?

3. Instructions in God’s Word:

a. By continued absence from them? or,

b. By drawing no profit from them?

4. The voice of conscience, and the inspirations of grace?

B. On the contrary, are our ears not open to:

1. Uncharitable conversations?

2. Attacks on morality or religion?

3. Words of foolish flattery ?

II. Dumbness:

A. What use do we make of the gift of speech?

B. Are we not oftentimes dumb? e.g.

1. Concealing sin in confession.

2. Neglecting prayer to God.

3. Taking no part in public services.

4. Not defending Charity and virtue, when able.

5. Omitting to correct those under our care.

C. On the contrary, do we not sometimes speak amiss? e.g.

1. Words of cursing, or blasphemy.

2. Language of anger or abuse.

3. Calumny, detraction or backbiting,

III. Weariness, as a natural consequence:

A. Weariness in well-doing may come from:

1. Not advancing in virtue, rather than from actual faults.

2. Physical causes: health, weather.

3. The Devil.

4. Past sin, as a punishment.

5. Want of recollection.

B. Remedies:

1. Constant and even struggle.

2. Punctuality to duty.

3. Guarding against the worship of health.

Our Lord’s action:

I. Imposition of hands. Sufficient for the miracle; yet,

II. He did more (Mark 7:33-34), in order

A. To instruct His Church: e.g. Use of ceremonies in Liturgy and Ritual.

B. To instruct us also:

1. The spiritually deaf and dumb are difficult to heal.

2. They must retire apart, and consider their state.

3. They must open lips and ears to things of God.

4. They must groan in prayer, and seek their cure from God.

Proofs of the cure:

I. The complete change: for The man heard and spoke aright.

II. After receiving the Sacraments, what change is there in us?

A. Are we healed, or do we remain as before?

B. Do we still lend ear to forbidden discourse?

C. Do we still use the tongue for sinful ends?

III. If so, their inefficacy in us would almost imply impossibility of cure. A weighty thought indeed to dwell upon!

Originally published by Fr. George Howe.

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