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Fr. George Howe’s Homily Notes on 2 Cor 3:7-8: Moses, a Type of Christ

Posted by Dim Bulb on August 15, 2012


1. God took 4,000 years to prepare the world for the Messiah,

2. As one means to this end, He raised up types of Him.

i. Types show forth His chief characteristics.

ii. The Elders were enlightened to recognize these, and instruct the people therein,

3. When our Lord came, men could not fail to observe them,

4. To-day’s Epistle refers to Moses, a prominent type of Christ.

Moses, a type: e.g.

I. Pharao slaying the male children, when Moses was born: Ex 1:16.

A. Herod slaying the Innocents, at the birth of Christ: Matt 2:16.

II. Escape of Moses, in a basket among the sedges: Ex 2:3.

B. Escape of Our Lord, by flight into Egypt: Matt 2:14.

III. Moses was taken to the Court of Pharao to be educated.

C. Our Lord was reared for a time in the foreign land of Egypt.

IV. Moses later on returned to his brethren, the Israelites.

D. Our Lord returned to His brethren, the Jews,
in Palestine.

V. Moses, chosen of God to deliver Israel from Egypt: Ex 3:10.

E. Our Lord, sent by the Father to deliver man from sin.

VI. Before appearing among the people, Moses passed 40 years in the desert.

F. Before manifesting Himself to the world, Our Lord spent 30 years at Nazareth.

VII. Moses wrought miracles to prove himself the envoy of God: Ex 4.

G. The Gospels relate the miracles Our Lord wrought to prove Himself the envoy, and also the Son of God.

VIII. Moses commanded the sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb: Ex 12:24.

H. Our Lord, the true Paschal Lamb, sacrificed Himself on Calvary, and is still offered daily on the Altar.

IX. Moses led the Hebrews through the waters of the Red Sea, which then separated them from the Egyptians: Ex 14:22.

I. Christ leads His people through the waters of Baptism, which separates Christians from Infidels.

X. Moses led his people through the desert, towards the Land of Promise.

J. Christ leads His followers, through the desert of life, to the true Land of Promise Heaven.

XI. Moses obtains the Manna from Heaven, as food in the desert: Ex 16:15.

K. Christ feeds our souls with the Living Bread from Heaven,

XII. Moses gives the Law on Mount Sinai: Ex 20.

1. To the Jews, and for a time only.

2. Amid the terrors of thunder and lightning.

L. Our Lord gives a more perfect Law the Sermon on the Mount: Matt 5-7.

1. For the whole world, and for all time.

2. Taught in all sweetness and mercy.

XIII. Moses offered the blood of victims to ratify the Old Covenant.

M. Our Lord offers His own Blood to ratify the New.

XIV. Moses did not finally lead the people into the Promised Land Deut 34:14.

N. Our Lord, greater than Moses, opened Heaven to men, on the day of His Ascension.


1. Moses typifies Our Lord, chiefly, as being Our Deliverer, our Legislator, and our Intercessor.

2. The Just of the Old Law found their consolation in the many types God raised up in their midst.

3. Let us rejoice in the

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