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Sunday March 24~Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord (Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms)

Posted by Dim Bulb on March 16, 2013

NOTICE: Links to other sites should not be construed as endorsements of their content or views. Simply put, I do not have the time to read or listen to all the resources listed, your own discretion regarding the sites is necessary.

Most of the links found here were previously posted and I did not have time to check if all the links are still working. If you find a broken link please notify me in the comment box. I hope to have all posts and headings marked “Pending” finished by Thursday, March 21. Further resources will be marked “Update”. For those who wish to get a head start on the readings for the Holy Saturday~Vigil in the Holy Night of Easter go here for my list of resources.




Commentary on the Procession with the Palms Reading. Luke 19:28-40.

Commentaries on the First Reading: Isaiah 50:4-7.

Commentaries on the Responsorial: Psalm 22.

  • A Patristic/Medieval Commentary on Psalm 22. Pdf document. The commentary on the text actually begins near the bottom of page 2. What precedes the actual commentary is a presentation of the various uses made of the Psalm in the ancient liturgies and, also, the various antiphons used.

Commentaries on the Second Reading: Philippians 2:6-11.

Commentaries on the Gospel Reading: Luke 22:14-23:56. A shorter reading, Luke 23:1-49 is allowed .

  • Aquinas’ Catena Aurea on Luke 22:14-23:56 in Six Parts.

1. Jesus and the Disciples at the Last Supper (Luke 22:14-38).
2. Jesus Agony, Betrayal, Arrest, Peter’s Denial and Repentance (Luke 22:39-62).
3. Mockery, Trials, Sentence of Death (Luke 22:63-23:65).
4. The Way of the Cross (Luke 23:26-32).
5. Crucifixion and Death (Luke 23:33-49).
6. The Burial of Jesus (Luke 23:50-56).

  • FATHER DONALD SENIOR ON THE PASSION ACCORDING TO LUKE IN SIX PARTS: A Synopsis of his famous study The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.

1. The last Supper Luke 22:1-38.
2. The Hour of Darkness Luke 22:39-65.
3. Jesus on Trial Luke 22:66-23:25.
4. The Way of the Cross Luke 23:26-32.
5. The Death of the Just Man Luke 23:33-49.
6. Death and Victory Luke 23:50-56. The scripture text is misidentified as Luke 22:1-38.

  • Word Sunday’s Notes on the Shorter Reading in Two Parts:

Part 1. Luke 23:1-25. Part 2. Luke 23:26-49.

GENERAL RESOURCES: These sites mostly treat of the  3 readings in a single post and so are not listed under the individual commentaries above.

  • The Unofficial Lectionary. Previously posted. All the readings from the Douay-Rheims Challoner version followed by notes from the old Haydock Commentary.
  • SacerdosGives the theme of the readings, the doctrinal message, and pastoral application.
  • Lector Notes. Brief historical and theological background on the readings. Can be printed out, copied, and used as bulletin insert.
  • Scripture Speaks. I’ve linked to the archive. Hasn’t been updated in a while.
  • Not available yet. The Bible Workshop. Links to several relevant articles, contains a reading guide to the gospel text, a comparison of the readings, suggestions for a lesson (i.e., homily).
  • The Wednesday WordIt’s about the Sunday readings, but the document is posted on Wednesday, hence the name. Designed for prayer and reflection, the pdf document ends with Father Dom Henry Wansbrough’s reflections on the first and second readings. Fr. Wansbrough is General Editor of the New Jerusalem Bible and contributed commentaries on Matt, Mark, and the Pastorals in A New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture.
  • Preaching the Lectionary. Not yet available. I’ve linked to the archive page so you can check for the update yourself. From the Christian Leadership Center, an ecumenical site.

CHILDREN’S RESOURCES: If you know of any good online children’s resources please leave a link in the comment box.

  • Catholic MomScroll down to this Sunday. Resources appear oriented towards 7-14 years of age.
  • We Believe. Activities geared towards Kindergarten through 8th grade. Also has resources for catechists, clergy, etc.
  • Domestic Church. Lent and Easter activities arranged for families, younger children, older children.

PODCASTS: Bible studies, homilies, reflections.

  • Update: Father Francis Martin’s Reflections on the Readings in Five Parts: each part approx. 15 minutes.

1. Reflection on the Role of the Liturgy.
2. The Entry into Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-40).
3. First Reading and Psalm (Isa 50:4-7; Ps 22).
4. Second Reading (Phil 2:5-11).
5. The Passion According to Luke (shorter reading).

HOMILIES, ETC: Includes both text and audio resources.

Dominica II Passionis seu in Palmis ~ I. classis


Commentaries on Psalm 24 (23): Used during the distribution of the palms.

Commentaries on Psalm 47 (46): Also used during distribution of the palms.

Commentaries on Matthew 21:1-9: the Palm Procession Reading

Commentaries on Psalm 147: 12-20:

Commentaries on the Epistle Reading: Philippians 2:6-11

Homilies and Homily Notes:

Aquinas’ Homily Notes on Philippians 2:6. Scroll down slightly to find.

Aquinas’ Homily Notes on Matthew 27:35.

The Mental Sufferings of our Lord in His Passion. A homily by St John Henry Cardinal Newman from his Discourses to Mixed congregations.

  • Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.  Three talks delivered on Good Friday in 1977.  These are only lengthy parts of a three hour talk and not the full presentation, nonetheless, they are excellent.

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.


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