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Resources for Holy Thursday (Chrism Mass and Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Including Extraordinary Form)

Posted by Dim Bulb on March 28, 2013

This post contains resources for the Holy Thursday Masses, including the Extraordinary Form of the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Resources for other days in the Triduum can be found here:

Resources for Good Friday (Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms).

Resources for Holy Saturday~Vigil in the Holy Night of Easter Ordinary Form).

Extraordinary From: Resources for Holy Saturday.

Easter Sunday Mass Resources (Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms).

Feria Quinta in Coena Domini ~ I. classis

ORDINARY FORM: Included below are resources for the Chrism Mass and the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper.


Chrism Mass Readings.

Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper Readings.

Today’s Divine Office.

The Last Supper and the Forgiveness of Sins. Blog post by Catholic biblical scholar Dr. Michael Barber.

Update:  Audio/Video~Roots of the Mass: A Study of Jewish Influence on the Divine Liturgy. Scroll down for audio and video players.

Update: Audio~Meaning of the Mass. From the Institute of Catholic Culture.

Update: The Easter Triduum: Entering Into the Paschal Mystery. Carl Olson, Ignatius Press Blog.

  • CHRISM MASS: Commentaries, Podcasts, Homilies.

Navarre Bible Commentary on Isaiah 61:1-3a, 6a, 8b-9.

Father Boylan’s Introduction to Psalm 89.

My Notes on the Responsorial (Ps 89:21-22, 25, 27). Includes notes on 20 & 26 also.

Bede the Venerable on Revelation 1:5-8.

Navarre Bible Commentary on Revelation 1:5-8.

Update: St Martha’s Parish Podcast Study on Revelation 1. Begins with some introductory material. Power Point handout here.

Update: The Apocalypse of St John: A Study of the Book of Revelation. Listen to part one.

Aquinas’ Catena Aurea on Luke 4:16-21. This was previously published and includes commentary on verse 14, 15, 22.

Cornelius a Lapide on Luke 4:16-21.

Navarre Bible Commentary on Luke 4:16-21.

Update: St Cyril of Alexandria on Luke 4:16-21.

Update: St Irenaeus Ministries Podcast Study of Luke chapters 3 & 4. Click on the POD icon or direct download link.

Update: Pope Francis’ Homily at Holy Thursday Chrism Mass.

  • EVENING MASS OF THE LORD’S SUPPER: Commentaries, Podcasts.

Navarre Bible Commentary on Exodus 12:1-8, 11-14.

Update: EWTN’s Study of Exodus. Listen to episode 5.

Father Boylan’s Introduction to Psalm 116.

Father Callan’s Commentary on 1 Cor 11:23-26.

Navarre Bible Commentary on 1 Cor 11:23-26.

Update: EWTN’s In the Footsteps of St Paul. Listen to episode 8.

St Thomas Aquinas’ Catena Aurea on John 13:1-15.

St Cyril of Alexandria’s Commentary on John 13:1-15.

Navarre Bible Commentary on John 13:1-15.

Update: St Irenaeus Ministries Podcast on John: The Last Supper.

Update: Christians Leadership Center on John 13.


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