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Father Bylan’s Introduction to Psalm 52

Posted by Dim Bulb on September 1, 2013


THE psalm is directed against some rich and powerful, but godless man. It threatens him with failure and destruction, and forecasts the joy of the pious at his fall. The psalmist himself will flourish when his enemy has failed, and will praise God ever for His goodness.

Tradition connects the psalm with the incident narrated in 1 Sam 22. Doeg, however, neither slanders, nor speaks falsely, nor boasts of any malice in the narrative in Samuel. Again, it is difficult to understand the allusion to the Temple in verse 10 in a Davidic poem. The psalm has been compared to Isaiah’s denunciation of Shebhna (Isaiah 22:15-25). The contrast between the godless who comes to ruin, and the pious singer who flourishes like a green olive tree, reminds one of Psalm 1.

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