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Commentaries for the Friday After Ash Wednesday

Posted by Dim Bulb on February 6, 2016


Today’s Mass Readings.

Today’s Divine Office.

My Notes on Today’s First Reading (Isaiah 58:1-9a). Actually, this post is on verse 1-14 and thus covers both today and tomorrow’s first readings.

Navarre Bible Commentary on Isaiah 58:1-9a.

St John Fisher’s Sermons on Today’s Psalm (51). Psalm 50 in Fisher’s translation. The Fourth Penitential Psalm. He treated of the Psalm in two parts, and at some length.

Pope John Paul II’s Commentary/Meditation on Today’s Psalm (51).

St Albert the Great’s Commentary on Today’s Psalm (51).

St Thomas Aquinas’ Lecture on Psalm 51.

Father MacEvily’s Commentary on Today’s Gospel (Matt 9:14-15.

Cornelius a Lapide’s Commentary on Today’s Gospel (Matt 9:14-15).

Aquinas’ Catena Aurea on Today’s Gospel (Matt 9:14-15).

Maldonado’s Commentary on Today’s Gospel (Matt 9:14-15).

Navarre Bible Commentary on Matthew 9:14-15.


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