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Commentaries and Resources for the First Sunday of Advent, Year A

Posted by Dim Bulb on September 24, 2016

READINGS AND OFFICE: We are pilgrims journeying to the New Jerusalem and the Heavenly Zion (1st reading. cf. Heb 12:22-24; Rev 21:9-27). It should be a pilgrimage of joy (Psalm), peace (1st reading), and integrity (2nd reading) as we await the return of the Lord (Gospel). Other themes suggested below. 

Today’s Mass Readings. Lectionary for Mass, USA.

Mass Readings From the New Jerusalem Bible.

Today’s Divine Office.


Theme: We ought to be concerned for the instruction, conversion, and salvation of others, for “Many…will say, come.. let us go to the Lord…that He may teach us His ways.” . (Is 51:13; Mk 5:19; Jn 1:41, 45; 4:28; Jam 5:19-20; Lam 3:40; Mt 18:15-17).

Navarre Bible Commentary on Isaiah 2:1-5.

My Notes on Isaiah 2:1-5.

Word-Sunday Notes on Isaiah 2:1-5.

COMMENTARIES ON THE RESPONSORIAL PSALM: Psalm 122:1-2, 3-4, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9.

Theme: Since this psalm is one of the Songs of Ascent (Pss 120-134); a pilgrimage psalm as the NABRE’s first footnote to Ps 120 indicates; and since the 1st reading concerned a pilgrimage, consider this as a theme:  Life as a pilgrimage to God (1st reading, Ps), to the Heavenly Jerusalem (Heb 12:12; Heb 13:14), and everlasting worship (Const. on Sac. Lit. #8).

Father Boylan’s Introduction to Psalm 122.

Patristic/Medieval Commentary on Psalm 122.

St Robert Bellarmine’s Commentary on Psalm 122.

Pope Benedict XVI’s Commentary on Psalm 122.

St Augustine’s Notes on Psalm 122.

Word-Sunday Notes on Psalm 122.


Theme: “Not in rivalries and jealousy.” This connects well with the theme of peace in the first reading, and in the responsorial (Ps 122:6-9).

Father Callan’s Commentary on Romans 13:11-14.

Father Boylan’s Commentary on Romans 13:11-14.

Father de Piconio’s Commentary on Romans 13:11-14.

Father MacEvilly’s Commentary on Romans 13:11-14.

Father Rickaby’s Commentary on Romans 13:11-14.

Word-Sunday Notes on Romans 13:11-14.

Navarre Bible Commentary on Romans 13:11-14.


Theme: Stay Awake! Be prepared (Mt 24:42-44). This recalls the exhortation that began the 2nd reading (Rom 13:11). Those who do not throw off the works of darkness ( Rom 13:12) may find themselves on the wrong side of the judgment as they celebrate (Mt 24:38) or are at work in the field or at the mill (Mt 24:40-41).

Aquinas’ Catena Aurea on Matthew 24:37-44.

Cornelius a Lapide’s Commentary on Matthew 24:37-44.

Father MacEvilly’s Commentary on Matthew 24:37-44.

Father Maas’ Commentary on Matthew 24:37-44.

Word-Sunday Notes on Matthew 24:37-44.

Navarre Bible Commentary on Matthew 24:37-44.


Doctrinal Homily Outline. Identifies a central idea of the readings, a doctrinal point, and suggested application.

Signs That Will Accompany the End of the World.

One Bread, One Body. Several short reflections which may help provide ideas for a homily.

Gospel Notes. Introduction, commentary, reflection.

Homiletic and Pastoral Review Homilies. Scroll down to the first Sunday of Advent.

Living Space. Brief and insightful.

Lector Notes. Brief historical and theological background to the readings.

Lector Works. At this site you will find: * A series of thoughts about the lectionary readings of the day, as an oral proclamation within the church’s public prayer, and how the writer would want to have them declared and received effectively.  * Three elements are always identified: ** the climax of the reading, ** the contact point of the reading with our assembly  ** one special challenge the reading poses for the seasoned lector. * At the end of each week’s readings, a brief reflection on the transition from the Table of the Word to the Table of the Eucharist.

Gospel Summary with Life Implications. St Vincent’s Archabbey.

(1) One Bread, One Body: Christmas Makes Advent Necessary. Brief reflections.

(2) One Bread, One Body: Mary Advent and Christmas.

(3) On Bread, One Body: It’s Time.

(4) One Bread, One Body: Your First Christmas in Heaven.

(5) One Bread, One Body: “New” New Year.


Sacred Page Blog: Happy New Year! The 1st Sunday of Advent. Catholic biblical scholar Dr. John Bergsma’s reflections on the readings.

St Charles Borromeo Parish Bible Study Notes.

Thoughts From the Early ChurchFrom a commentary on Matthew by Paschasius Radbertus.

Scripture in Depth. Brief look at all the readings.

Prepare For Mass. Various links, videos, etc.


Franciscan Sister’s Bible Study Podcast. Looks at all of the readings.

St Martha’s Parish Bible Study Podcast. Looks at the readings in some detail.

Dr. John Bergsma on Romans 13.

St Irenaeus Ministries Podcast Study on Matthew 24-25.

The Destruction of the Temple and the End of the World. Dr. Brant Pitre on Matthew 23-25.

Dr Scott Hahn’s Sunday Bible Reflections. Brief. Does good job of summarizing the major theme(s) of the readings.

(1) Father Robert Barron’s Homily Podcast: Getting the House in Order. A noted theologian, scholar, speaker.

(2) Father Robert Barron: The Mountain of the Lord.

(3) Fr. Robert Barron: God’s Holy Mountain.

(4) Fr. Robert Barron: Incoming

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