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Homily Notes on Galatians 3:18: The Promise of a Redeemer

Posted by Dim Bulb on July 22, 2017

“God gave it to Abraham by promise.”
Gal. 3:18.

1. Fallen man could not make his peace with God.

a. A finite being could not repair an infinite evil.
b. He consequently must have been lost for eternity.

2. But God in mercy promised a Redeemer, first to Adam (Gen. 3), then to Abraham (Gen. 22).

Abraham and the Promise:

1. After the deluge, men multiplied, and again fell from God. By every form of sin: Wis 12:4 : Rom. 1:23.

2. Man was now left for ages in his sad plight:

a. To teach him how great is the corruption of hearts after the Fall.

b. To cure his pride, showing him what he is capable of, left to himself.

c. To convince him of the need of a Redeemer,

3. Yet God did not abandon him altogether. He chose a special people, whom He preserved from the general corruption.

4. As a reward of his fidelity, Abraham became the father of this people. I will multiply thee exceedingly. Gen. 17:2.
I will multiply thy seed as the stars of Heaven. Gen. 22:17.

5. The descendants of Abraham

a. Multiplied and grew to be a great people.

b. Received the Law through Moses to guide them: Ex. 20~After four hundred and thirty years from the promise.

c. Settled in Cana, flowing with milk and honey Josh 5:6.

d. Had the promise renewed five times again.

e. Had prophets sent to them, to instruct and rebuke.

f. Received many miraculous favours from God.

6. Known in history, as

a. The Israelites, from the name of one of their patriarchs.

b. The Jews, from Juda, of which tribe the Redeemer was to come.

c. The People of God, from the special protection He gave them,

7. Even they were not always faithful, but often rebelled against God. Who punished them, but on repentance, pardoned again,

8. Their religion consisted chiefly in sacrifices of animals, etc. Types of the future sacrifice of the Redeemer, which gave them their efficacy.

9. The rest of nations were called Gentiles:

a. Who knew not God, nor the things of God.

b. Were guilty of idolatry, and of every abomination before Him: Rom. 1:18 ff.

The Israelites and Revelation:

1. God made known some truths to His People: e.g.

a. The knowledge of Himself and His Law.

b. The cause of their miseries Sin.

c. The only remedy for them a Redeemer.

d. The object of their Creation Salvation.

e. The means to this end Faith and Obedience,

2. Even these simple truths were often perverted and misinterpreted,

3. God at last gave His full revelation to man, through Jesus Christ, the long-promised Redeemer.

4. The chief offices of this Saviour were:

a. To redeem men from sin and Satan.

b. To enlighten their minds with the truths of eternity.

5. To this end, God chose a new people His Church.

a. It likewise multiplied over the face of the earth.

b. It receives ministers and miraculous favours.

c. Of this Church, we are members, who must be ever grateful for, and profit by, the mercies here bestowed.

d. Pray God that this people may increase, through worthy converts being added to the Church.



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