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Homily Notes on Galatians 3:20

Posted by Dim Bulb on July 22, 2017

“God is one.” Gal. 3:20.

i. These words express a simple and elementary truth
of Faith.
ii. Simple truths are very apt to be overlooked : for,
iii. How few people care to dwell on such a sublime
subject as the nature of God.
iv. Take then to-day the opportunity of considering the

Unity of God:

A). THE UNITY OF GOD IS A REVEALED TRUTH: for God has manifested Himself in

1. A Primitive Revelation, as the

a. One Creator of all things : Gen. 1:1-2:19.
b. One Lawgiver, who gave all to Adam except
one fruit. Of the tree of knowledge of good and evil thou
shalt not eat. Gen. 2:17.
c. One Judge, who will punish disobedience. In what day soever thou shalt eat of it, thou shalt
die. Gen 2:17.

2. A Revelation to Moses and the prophets, as one God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me. Ex. 20:3. There is no other god besides Me. Deut. 32:39.

3. A Christian Revelation. That they may know Thee, the only true God. Jn. 17:3. There is no God but One. 1 Cor. 8:4.


1. It is repugnant to Reason to hold the existence of a plurality of absolute beings:

a. The existence of one such absolute being excludes the very idea of a second.
b. A being is supreme only in so far as others depend on him.
c. That being alone is infinitely perfect who has all perfections. If more than one God existed, some of his perfections must be limited.
d. Since God is infinitely perfect, He must be supreme Lord. Two or more cannot be supreme, because limited by each other.

2. Unity of order in Nature testifies to one Author of Creation.

a. Everything in the moral and physical worlds points to unity of thought, will and execution.
b. Everywhere we find the same laws, same causes, same results,
c,. All which presupposes one supreme Legislator, and one Providence governing all things. The voice of Conscience points to one Lawgiver. The principles of the Moral Law are everywhere the same.


1. Despite their polytheism, even the Pagans have preserved the idea more or less distinct of the
unity of God; for,

2. Their polytheism was not one of equality, but subordination; and,

3. They recognized among their gods one as supreme.

4. Thus do they agree herein with the primitive Revelation of Jews and Christians.

D). ONE OF THE FOUR GREAT TRUTHS: To be believed by every Christian: hence,

1. The need of knowing and studying it; and,

2. The great Charity of teaching it to others,

3. The zeal of missionaries, going among the heathen.


i. As God is one, so is His Church, His authoritative manifestation on earth,

ii. Thank God for calling you to this Church, whose unity proclaims its divine origin.

iii. Endeavour always to promote unity of mind and heart among men.


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