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Homily Notes on Luke 17:13 Prayer and the Faith of the Lepers

Posted by Dim Bulb on July 22, 2017

Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.
Luke 17:13.

i. Ten lepers met Jesus on His way to Bethany,
ii. They begged Him to heal them, which He did.
iii. Admire and imitate the qualities of their Prayer and Faith.

Prayer of the Lepers:

1. Humble:

a. They stood afar off:

1. As the Law required : Numb. v. 2. ; and,

2. Out of reverence for the presence of Jesus.

b. Our life is full of sin, typified by leprosy.

c. We must therefore recognize our unworthiness.

d. Humility will lead us to confess our guilt,

2. Fervent:

a. On seeing Jesus, they cried out with a loud voice; because,

1. Of their distance, and their longing desire to be cured.

2. They feared to lose so good an opportunity.

b. The further the soul is from God, the more should it appeal to Him in prayer, short perhaps, but fervent and from the heart.

c. If we feel our misfortune in being far from God and His Saints,

1. We shall pray fervently to be delivered from sin.

2. We shall seek to abandon all tepidity,

3. Common:

a. Common misfortune brought these men together.

b. They prayed not for themselves individually, but all for each other.

c. Such prayer (recommended by Our Lord: Mt 18:19) most effectual.

d. Unite in public prayer, to obtain God’s favours:

1. Where private prayer fails, public prayer often succeeds.

2. To fail herein is to risk the loss of many graces.

3. Yet how many do fail, e.g. neglecting Church services,

e. Public prayer does violence to Heaven.

Faith of the Lepers:

1. Humble and unmurmuring.

a. They at once obey the word: show yourselves.

b. Our Lord touched even lepers to heal them: Mt 8:3.

c. Hence this command seemed to them strange:

1. They knew the priests could not heal them.

2. They received no promise even of being healed.

d. Thus was their faith put to the test : while

e. Pride might have lost them their cure. As Naaman nearly failed through it: 2 Kings 5:11.

f. We often wish to be dealt with according to our ideas: e.g. by Confessor, Superiors.

g. Through this want of humble Faith, we lose much grace.

2. Simple and unhesitating:

a. Lepers, when cleansed, had to show themselves to the priests, To be declared legally clean, and restored to
civil life.

b. To be sent, not yet cleansed, surprised them, but they went. Naaman was surprised at the prophet’s command: 2 Kings 5:12.

c. Let us allow ourselves to be directed, and obey.

1. Such the homage God asks and values.

2. The Lepers hesitated not, but obeyed.

3. Rewarded with perfect cure:

a. So with Naaman, when he obeyed: 2 Kings 5:14.

b. So with all, who

1 . Renounce pride and false reasoning.

2. Obey God s voice in all simplicity.

3. Submit to the Church as to Him.


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