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The unfolding of thy words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple…Make thy face shine upon thy servant, and teach me thy statutes

Father George Howe’s Homily Notes on Romans 13:10

Posted by Dim Bulb on July 30, 2017

Love therefore is the fulfilling of the law~Rom 13:10

i. S. Paul tells us charity is the fulfilment of the Law: Rom. 13:10.
ii. He then goes on to recall a good part of this Law.
iii. Take this occasion to speak on the Decalogue.

The Decalogue:

i. So called from the Greek, meaning “ten words.”

ii. Comprises the ten Commandments, given on Sinai: Ex. 20.

a. A compendium of Morals, as the Creed is of Faith.

b. Explicit statement of the laws of truth, order, and justice,

iii. Like God Himself, they are Holy . . . True . . . Just . . . Unchangeable,

iv. Necessary for salvation.

a. Our first duty to God is belief in His Revelation. Delivering the Mind from ignorance.

b. Our second duty is observance of His Laws. Delivering the Heart from concupiscence.

c. Need of knowing these laws, through instruction, etc.

v. Not a burden, but a benefit to man, even here. The parapet: If on a narrow plank, crossing a ravine, a parapet is raised on either side, so that a traveller cannot fall into the abyss, unless he deliberately leap over it, no one would consider its erection a piece of tyranny, or an unreasonable curtailment of his freedom and liberty: on the contrary, it is a benefit bestowed to secure his safety. So with man, on his way to eternity, the Commandments are a protection to him, as he passes along the

vi. Divided into

a. Positive: requiring a thing to be done: e.g. the 4th.

b. Negative: forbidding a thing to be done: e.g. the 7th. The stream and its banks: The positive precepts are like so many different streams, conveying the riches of a fountain to various parts of the earth. The negative are like banks, hindering the passions from troubling the waters, and turning them out of their course.

vii. Binding

a. On all men, unlike human laws.

b. Each and every commandment: Whosoever shall offend in one point is become guilty of all. Jas. 2:10.

One instrument out of tune destroys a whole concerted piece.

One weak link weakens the whole chain,

viii. Therefore possible to all.

a. God is wisdom, goodness, and justice.

b. He does not, can not, exact the impossible.

c. Grace is given to enable us to observe His Law.

d. The Saints have kept it, so may we.

ix. Confirmed by Christ in the New Law :

a. By His teaching and doctrine.

b. By His example in life.

c. By His sending the Holy Ghost.


i. Learn, understand and love the commandments,

ii. Humility, in submission and obedience to them,

iii. Petition for grace in temptation against them.

IV. Heaven the reward of observing them.

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