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Update on Scripture Commentaries on Romans

Posted by Dim Bulb on August 4, 2018

There is now available on this site two complete commentaries on St Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. The first, By Fr. Bernardine de Piconio has been available for some time. The second, by Fr. Charles Callan has just been completed. These, along with other commentaries on select passages can be accessed on my NOTES ON ROMANS page. This page can be accessed in the link field at the top of this blog. I will next set my sights on making available Fr. John MacEvilly’s full Commentary on Romans and, hopefully, today I will complete Fr. de Piconio’s Commentary on  Corinthians (the final chapter is not yet available).

For those interested in purchasing commentaries on Romans I would suggest the following works. All are by Catholic authors. Some are part of ecumenical series which means that other books in the series may be by non-Catholic authors. This is a list of recommendations and should not be construed as my endorsement of interpretive or theological positions taken.

The letter of St Paul to the Romans (Ignatius Study Bible Series). By Dr. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. An excellent Catholic introductory series on the Bible. The NT series is now complete and can be purchased in a single volume.

Invitation to the New Testament Epistles: Romans. Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan.

Romans (New Testament Message Series, Vol. 9). By Fr. Eugene Maly.

The Epistle to the Romans ((New Testament for Spiritual Reading). Karl Kertelge.

Romans (Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture Series). By Dr. Scott Hahn. An outstanding commentary in a fine Catholic commentary series.

Reading Romans: A literary and Theological Commentary (Reading the New Testament, Volume 6). Luke Timothy Johnson. An ecumenical series.

Reckoning with Romans: Contemporary Reading of Paul’s Gospel. Fr. Brendan Byrne.

Galatians and Romans. Fr. Brendan Byrne.

Romans (Sacra Pagina Commentary Series). By Fr. Brendan Byrne. Somewhat technical.

Romans (Anchor Bible Commentary Series). By Fr. Joseph Fitzmyer. An ecumenical series. Technical.

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