The Divine Lamp

The unfolding of thy words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple…Make thy face shine upon thy servant, and teach me thy statutes

Aquinas philosophy

This page contains text from The Philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas, y Maurice De Wulf. The book is in the public domain.

Chapter 1 The Central Position of the Theory of Knowledge.
Chapter 2 How Knowledge is Formed.
Chapter 3 The Directing Principles of Knowledge.
Chapter 4 Various Aspects of the Epistemological Problem.
Chapter 5 (part 1) Moderate Realism and the Universals.

Chapter 5 (part 2)

Chapter 6 Desire and Freedom.
Chapter 7 A Universe of Individuals.
Chapter 8 (Part 1) The process of Change.

Chapter 8 (Part 2)

Chapter 9 Aquinas on Soul and Body.

Chapter 10 God, His existence and attributes.

Chapter 11 Aquinas on Personal Conduct and Moral Values

Chapter 12 Obligation and Moral Law

Chapter 13 Conscience and the Moral Virtues


Chapter 14 Group life and the State (Part 1).

Chapter 15 The Construction of the Sciences

Chapter 16 The Aesthetic Aspect of the Universe

Chapter 17 Classification of the Sciences and Divisions of Philosophy

Chapter 18 Doctrinal Characteristics of Scholasticism

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