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Advent Music: O Come All Ye Faithful

Posted by Dim Bulb on December 4, 2009

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An Irish Christmas Hymn

Posted by Dim Bulb on December 3, 2009

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Advent Music #2: And The Glory Of The Lord

Posted by Dim Bulb on November 30, 2009

This is the second part of Handel’s Messiah.  I posted the opening overture a few days ago.

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St Thomas Aquinas: The Office For Corpus Christi

Posted by Dim Bulb on June 12, 2009

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Month of Mary, Day 25: A Hypertext Book Of Hours

Posted by Dim Bulb on May 25, 2009

This site contains a description of the various Books of Hours and the text of one such book in both Latin and English.  Besides Hours of the Virgin, the site also contains Hours of the Cross, Hours of the Holy Spirit, The Seven Penitential Psalms, litanies.  Go HERE to view/use

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Month of Mary, Day 10: A Video/Music Montage

Posted by Dim Bulb on May 10, 2009

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On The Way Of The Cross: The Fourth Station

Posted by Dim Bulb on March 10, 2009


To see other posts in this series go here.

The Mother in deep sorrow stood,
With tearful eye beneath the Rood, (i.e., the Cross)
While hanging on it was her Son;
With moans of anguish did she mourn,
Afflicted, grieving and forlorn,
And through he soul the sword did run.

With sorrow, nothing could relieve,
Did that most blessed Mother grieve,
Of Him, God’s sole Begotten One;
She moaned and trembled, full of awe,
Dear loving Mother, while she saw
The sufferings of he noble Son.

Who then is he that would not weep,
To see Christ’s Mother plunged deep
In such abyss of suffering?
Who would not be with grief oppressed,
To contemplate Christ’s Mother blessed,
With her dear Son thus sorrowing?

‘Twas for the sins of His own race,
She saw her Jesus torments face,
And subject to scourgings dire,
She saw her sweet beloved Son,
Dying, abandoned and alone,
And thus upon the Cross expire.

Ah, dearest Mother, fount of love,
Fill me with sorrow from above,
And make me always mourn with thee;
To Christ, my God, vouchsafe to turn
My heart, that it with love may burn,
That I may pleasing to Him be.

This, holy Mother deign to grant,
Deep in my inmost being plant
The wounds of Jesus Crucified;
The sufferings of they wounded Child,
Which, with such mercy, meek and mild,
He bore for me, with me divide.

Let loving tears bedew mine eyes,
And let me through life sympathize
With Him, who on the Cross expires;
To stand beside the Cross with thee,
And in thy grief a sharer be,
Is the one end of my desire.

O Virgin, of all virgins chief,
Let me weep with thee in grief,
O deign to listen to my prayer;
On me, O make Christ’s death to fall,
Make me His sufferings recall,
And in His Passion make me share.

Then, wounded with His wounds, make me
Inebriate with the Cross to be.
And with the Blood Thy Son did shed:
That in the flames I may not burn,
To thee, O Virgin, do I  turn,
In that last day of Judgment dread.

Christ, when this world I leave for Home,
O by Thy Mother, bid me come,
A victor’s palm to bear in Heaven;
And when my body has to die,
Let glorious Paradise on  high,
Then to my happy soul be given.  Amen.

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Latin Mass Resources

Posted by Dim Bulb on January 18, 2009

The following resources are from sites in communion with Rome.

The Traditional Latin Mass in MichiganThis Sunday is the Second Sunday after Epiphany in the old calender.  This site has the lectionary readings listed, along with the Collect and an excerpt from a homily by St Augustine.

Sancta MissaAn online tutorial of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass based on the 1962 Missal.

Plain Man’s Guide to learning the Language of the Latin.   From the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.  They also offer a different learning guide here. A link to their entire resources is here.

The Old Roman BreviaryLatin and English texts side by side, automatically changes daily.  Links to the various hours are listed in Latin (Matutinum, Laudes, ect) below the icons.

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin MaryI’ve linked to the English text but the site provides a link for the Latin as well.  There is also a link to an online commentary on the Office (click on “exegesis”).  They also have a feature that allows you to download a copy of the Office (available in Latin only ,Pdf format).  Once downloaded you can print it out.

Traditional Latin HymnsContains both text and musical notations.  Once you’ve accessed the text click on the “Please click here to start Midi” box to listen to the hymn.  Sample.

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Ascension Hymns

Posted by Dim Bulb on April 29, 2008

A Morning Hymn For Ascension Day
Aeterne Rex Altissime

Eternal King and Lord most high,
Redeemer robed in majesty,
Who didst the world and death o’ercome
And rise triumphant from the tomb;
Then to thine everlasting height
Wast lifted in a cloud of light,
Above the stars, through heaven’s cope,-
Thou art our light, our love, our hope.

Earth, sea and sky, the threefold frame
Bow down before thy sacred name,
The ranks of hell in terror see,
Feel thy stern power, and bend the knee,
Thy angel hosts behold and know
The changed estate of man below,
The flesh that sinned, made clean again,
And God as man take up his reign.

Be thou our lasting joy, O Lord,
Our love on earth, our high reward;
Kind Ruler of the world, inspire
Our longing souls with holy fire.
To thee we bow our hearts in prayer,
Lord, keep us from the tempter’s snare;
Lift up our souls with heavenly grace,
And fit us for thy dwelling-place.

So when thou comest in majesty,
Among the clouds, our judge to be,
We may be freed from guilt and pain
And our lost crown assume again.
Jesus to thee be glory meet,
Triumphant in thy heavenly seat,
Unto the Sire and Spirit praise
In equal meed through endless days.-Attributed to St Ambrose.

Vesper Hymn For Ascension Day
Jesu Nostra Redemptio

Jesus, our love, our Savior,
The joy of every heart,
Thou bringest light unto our night,
For light itself thou art.

What wealth of love o’ercame thee
That thou shouldst will to die
Upon the tree of Calvary
To save mankind thereby!

The night of sin is broken,
The power of hell o’erthrown,
The heavenly door made wide once more
By thee, most Holy One.

‘Twas heavenly love impelled thee
Thus to redeem our race,
And bless our sight with sweet light
That shineth from thy face.

Thou to the stars ascended
Hast banished fear, O Lord;
Be thine all praise, through endless days,
Be thou our sweet reward.

The Glory Of Christ
Quicumque Christum Quaeritis

O Thou who seek’st the Christ to find,
Uplift thine eyes on high;
For lo! to every humble mind
His glory fills the sky.

His mighty wonders there behold,
In boundless fields of light,
Sublime, eternal, and as old
As heaven and ancient night.

Here is the nation’s King indeed,
Here Israel’s mighty Lord,
To Araham promised and his seed,
Forevermore adored.

To him each prophet witnesseth,
By word and sign sincere;
Acknowledged by the Sire, who saith,
“Behold, believe and hear!”

To Jesus, who his light displays
To babes, all glory be,
To Sire and Spirit equal praise
For all eternity.

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Another Summa Contra Haugen-Hass

Posted by Dim Bulb on April 27, 2008

I am not worthy, Lord, mine eyes
To turn unto thy starry skies;
But bowed in sin, with moans and sighs,
I beg thee, hear me.

My duty left undone
Nor sought I crime or shame to shun,
My feet in sinful paths have run,
Sweet Christ, be near me.

O, fill my soul with grief sincere
For mine offenses; let the tear
Moisten my pillow; Father hear,
And grant Repentance.

For all my many crimes, O Lord,
The pains of hell were just reward;
But thou, O God, my cry regard,
And spare the sentence.

Redeemer, sole-begotten Son,
Father ans Spirit, three in one,
Thou art my hope; as ages run
Be thine all glory.

If in the balance thou should weigh
My crimes there were nor hope nor stay,
But Lord; thy clemency I pray,
To grace restore me.

Dear Jesus, I acknowledge thee,
Thou gavest thy life upon the tree;
Who takes from thy Divinity
Is a blasphemer.

All godless errors, proud or vain;
The false belief and murmuring strain
Insult thy love, thy law profane,
Gentile redeemer.

Sweet Lord, I love thy holy name;
I hear my mother Church proclaim
The Spirit, Sire and Son the same,
One God eternal.

Power, love and glory be to thee,
O high and holy Trinity;
Be ours the bliss thy face to see
In light supernal.  (St Hilary + A.D. 368.  id Coeli Clara)

Jesus thy memory divine
To every heart is heavenly wine;
But sweetness more than sweetest things
Thy presence in the bosom brings.

Such gladness ne’er hath poet sung,
Such joy ne’er pleasured ear or tongue,
To man no dream, so sweet e’er came,
Dear Son of God, as thy blest name.

True hope of all repenting hearts,
What tender joy thy love imparts!
Thou givest the seekers here below
Such bliss as only they can know.

O Lord, if we bet claim thy love,
Our souls are lighted from above,
And feel such wondrous happiness
As tongue or pen can ne’er express.

Be still our joy and stay, dear Lord,
Our guide, our hope, our sweet reward;
Let praise and love and glory be
Sung to thy name eternally. (St Bernard of Clairvaus + A.D. 1153. Jesu Dulcis Memoria)

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