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Notes On Romans

Bernardin de Picguigny (Piconio):

Father MacEvilly:

Father Callan:

St John Chrysostom: will be placed on separate page in the future.

Thomas Aquinas:

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  25. Esther Adam said

    Hello, Where are the notes from Father Christopher Phillips? Thank you, Esther Adam

    • Dim Bulb said

      To the best of my knowledge Fr. Philips doesn’t have any notes online, just video studies. Those relating to Romans can be found here. His youtube channel can be found here.

      • Esther Adam said

        Thank you for the links….I guess I used the wrong word “notes”….I was trying to find the videos you had…..I am all set now. I have listened and
        taken notes for my class….VERY helpful. Esther

      • Dim Bulb said

        Do you still have a question about Rom 1:19-24 and 5:13? If so, I’ll need to know what exactly you see as contradictory.

      • Esther Adam said

        Well, I wish I could answer that…..the question really came from two guys in the group and I was assigned to find someone
        to answer. I’m sorry I can’t be of much. help. And the group won’t be meeting until after Easter. Too bad, because I figured
        you would clarify things which you would if you had more info, I know.

  26. Esther Adam said

    Hello, I am part of a group study on Romans. We have a question. I realize time is precious, but, if you could respond we would be most grateful. If a response is not possible, please recommend someone or place that we can contact. In short we see a conflict between Romans 1: 19-24 and Romans 5: 13. Thank you, Esther Adam

    • Dim Bulb said

      I wont be able to answer this until after Mass. The short answer is that Rom 5:13 is about formal divine revelation, an act of grace, whereas Rom 1:19-24 is about revelation through creation.

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